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Arbor Days on Bribie

Planting trees on Arbor Day

A popular annual event since 1890 at Queensland schools has been planting trees on Arbor Day. The following articles give a glimpse of the event on Bribie Island through the years.

1937 – Friday 21 May – Arbor Day
Arbor Day was observed at the Bribie Island school last Friday [21 May], when the head teacher gave the children a nature study lesson, and tended the growing trees. The committee and parents provided afternoon tea for the scholars and visitors.
Source: The Courier Mail 25.5.1937 p. 23 

1966 – Friday 20th May - Arbor Day on Bribie Is.
A special Arbor Day tree planting ceremony was held on Friday 20th May when the 120 pupils of the school took part in planting many trees. The project was conducted in co-operation with the Caboolture Shire Council who supplied the trees. All were gum trees of different varieties.
This was the first stage of a plan to introduce koalas on a large scale to the southern part of Bribie Island. Caboolture Shire Councillor for the Island (Mr J. Rickman) said the idea followed the loss of much natural fauna in clearing of the scrub at Toorbul Point. The gum trees were planted in a cleared area near the water treatment works at Woorim.
Children were transported to the site after morning parade by bus and cars. Teachers at the school were encouraged by the obvious interest, by parents in this activity on Arbor Day. About forty adults (mainly parents of the school children) were present. The Head Teacher (Mr N.E. Adsett) planted the first tree. Later children in groups and their parents planted trees on the site. Jeanine Chialvo (a Grade 7 pupil) concluded the ceremony with a fitting address in which she referred to the days ahead when the koalas will live amongst the trees which the children had planted.
Source: Bribie Star 27 May 1966 v4(24) p. 3.

1967 – Friday 19th May – Arbor Day.
On Friday May 19 the children of the Bribie Island State School took part in Arbor Day activities.
They inspected the eucalypt trees planted last year as the beginning of a Koala Reserve and were pleased to note that most of the trees were growing. They then planted 120 trees further east of those already established. The Caboolture Shire Council cannot be too highly praised for its co-operation in this project. Trees were supplied and all holes dug, making the planting an easy and pleasant task.
Source: Bribie Star 9 Jun 1967 v.5(24) page 1.

1990 Arbor Day on Bribie
500 trees planted in park and 100 on school ground
Source: CT01 Cherly Thornely collection, BIHS historical database project

Further Reading

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