Tuesday 24 March 2020

Excursion to Bribie via Koopa and Doomba

Travelling to Bribie aboard the steamships Koopa and Doomba are memories  held by many people.

Here is a glimpse of some of the advertisements used in the 1930s and earlier to entice excursionists to see the sights of our picturesque bay! 

The 1919 advertisement is particular relevant to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

December 1936

The Telegraph, 7 Dec 1936, p. 20
The Telegraph, 7 Dec 1936, p. 20

The popular and delightful fishing, camping and holiday resorts of Moreton Bay
Adults 4 shillings, return ; Children 1 shilling, return.
Sundays only: Adults 3 shillings return!

"Boxing Day, New Year's Day and Sunday's time-table allows four hours ashore for surfing, fishing, etc at Bribie. Refreshments obtainable on board steamers."

Accompanying this advertisement is an article entitled "Enchanted Isle"


July 1930

The Brisbane Courier, 22 Jul 1930, p. 2
Bay trip on the Koopa on Sunday to Bribie
Return fares 3 shillings, children 1 shilling


January 1924

The Doomba carried her happy cargoes to the cooling breezes at Redcliffe and Bribie.
Photo: W.G. Cummings
The Daily Mail (Brisbane) Sat 19 Jan 1924 p. 13

December 1924

The Brisbane Courier, 6 Dec 1924, p. 3
The Brisbane Courier, 6 Dec 1924, p. 3

Special Sunday afternoon excursion!
Return fares 3 shillings, children half price


March 1919

Koopa Trips to Redcliffe and Bribie

In our advertising columns appear a few statements on the "flu" question as regards bay excursions. 
Pure sea air no doubt goes a long way to keeping one healthy, and the opportunity to partake of it, the Brisbane Tug Co. Points out, is within the reach of all.

source: The Brisbane Courier Wed 5 Mar 1919 p. 3

The Koopa and the Flu
source: The Brisbane Courier Wed 5 Mar 1919 p. 2


January 1915

The Telegraph, 16 Jan 1915, p. 3
School Children's Excursions with special fares!
School children - sixpence each return. 
Adults - 2 shillings, sixpence return.

The National Library of Australia's online newspaper resource Trove is indeed a wonderful treasure-trove. https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/?q=