Thursday 23 April 2020

Koopa on the Brisbane River

Koopa on the Brisbane River
In 1919, as well as plying the Brisbane to Bribie trips for excursionists and holiday-makers the Koopa also carried newly-arrived passengers from the Quarantine Station at Lytton to the city wharf in Brisbane.

Two particular trips were captured by the local press - in February returning soldiers who had arrived at Lytton on the ship Nestor and - in March returning soldiers with their brides and babies "back to Queensland" to settle down after the upheaval of war and a pandemic.

Source: The Western Champion (Barcaldine) Sat 15 Feb 1919 p. 9

Scene on arrival of Koopa in Brisbane on Saturday, with a large number
 of returned soldiers, many of whom brought brides and babies.
Source: The Daily Mail (Brisbane) Mon 3 Mar 1919 p.9


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