Wednesday 10 July 2019

sailboat Marvel

Tom Tripcony's sailboat Marvel
from Bongaree to Caloundra

Tom Tripcony, a well-known resident of Pumicestone Passage in the early twentieth century, would convey excursionists from Bongaree to Caloundra aboard his sailboat Marvel

Below is a picture of the Marvel and a 1916 description of the journey.

Tom Tripcony's sailboat Marvel, ca 1915
NLA's Trove

"A pleasant way of reaching Caloundra is by water. The Koopa comes to Bribie Sundays and Thursdays, and if one writes beforehand to Mr Tripcony at Caloundra store he will meet the Koopa in his motor launch and land you in Caloundra before 6 p.m. 

The trip [from Brisbane to Caloundra] is thus several hours longer [than by train and motor coach] but it is very enjoyable as Bribie Passage, or Pumice Stone Channel, has its own beauties; and the views of the Glass Houses are very beautiful. At times these weird mountains seem startlingly near, and so many more are seen than from the railway, all different shapes and all eye-arresting." 
[Daily Mail (Brisbane) 4 Dec 1916]

The Marvel was 30 feet long with a 12 feet beam and also delivered stores once a month to the two light towers on North Bribie Island.

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