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Thesaurus terms as at 21 Nov 2013

Aerial [as in aerial photo; aerial view; etc.]
Agriculture  [as in farming, home garden tomatoes, plant quarantine station, timber]
Arts and culture
Bridge - Bribie Island
Bridge – other [includes bridges at Campbell Creek, Shirley Creek, South point]
Building – 12 Apostles
Building - Arts Centre
Building - Coungeau House [variant spelling: Congeau]
Building - Dance hall/School/Bowls Club
Building - Fairweathers huts  [apostrophe not used]
Building – Hendon Hall/Cinema/Baptist Church [changes in usage for the same building]
Building – Koolamara Motel
Building - library
Building – Ocean Beach Guest House
Buildings – boat sheds
Buildings - churches
Buildings – cottages
Buildings – guesthouses
Buildings – hotels/motels
Buildings – houses
Buildings - lighthouses
Buildings – Military
Buildings – other    
[e.g. aquarium, café, commercial, fish cannery, hospital, jetty building, jetty gantry, post office, toll booth, surf club, water tower]
Buildings – Retirement Village
Buildings – schools
Buildings – shops/kiosk
Castaway convicts
Club – Bowl
Club – AFA Fishing Club
Club – other  [Girl guides, Scouts, tennis, etc.]
Club – RSL
Club – Service Club e.g. Rotary/Probus/Lions
Club – Surf
Commerce and business – Chamber of Commerce
Commerce and business - other
Commerce and business – Tug Company
Community services – emergency [e.g. Ambulance, fire, Police, SES]
Community services – utilities [e.g. electricity, sewerage, telephone, water]
Community services – other
Creek – Campbell / Williams
Creek - Dux
Creek – other [e.g. Bells, Coochin, Coonawrin, Elimbah, Ningi]
Creek - Shirley
Creek - Wrights
Discovery and Exploration (anything related to activity pre-1900)
Electoral Roll
Environment and Weather [eg: cyclones; floods]
Event – Bridge opening 19 Oct 1963
Event – Flinders Bicentennial 1999
Event – other [eg: ANZAC Day parade, carnival, fancy dress party, festival, fundraising, Mock secession 1980, reunions, Remembrance Day, sports day]
Family life (anything related to the lives and activities of ordinary people)
Fish and Fishing
Flora, Fauna and Wildlife
General – People & places (anything of a general nature about Bribie living)
Government and Council
Historical Society [Bribie Island Historical Society - formed Dec 2008]
History (anything about the history of Bribie Island settlement and pioneer folklore)
Incorrect – refers to items that have incorrect information in the description in the MBRC catalogue.  Put brief description of error in the Notes field.
Jetty – …. USE Location – jetty [eg: Redcliffe, South Esplanade, …]
Jetty – Bongaree  Please use Bongaree – jetty [Main jetty – built 1912, rebuilt many times]
Land development
Location - [local location name e.g. Bongaree, Bellara, etc.] 
Memorial - historic
Memorial – individual
Memorial – military
Memorial - other
Military (anything of a general Military nature)  see also World War 2
Oyster Industry 
People  - [surname e.g. Clark, Coungeau, etc.]
Road – Banya street 
Road – Benabrow avenue  [Benabrow from Norm Browning & Cyril Bendall]
Road – Bribie Island Road            [from Caboolture]
Road – First Avenue (originally Campbell Avenue)
Road – Ocean Beach Road (alternative for Campbell / First Avenue)
Road – other   (any other Road or Drive  e.g Sunderland Drive)
Road – South Esplanade
Road – Welsby Parade
Ship - Avon
Ship - Barges
Ship - Beaver
Ship - Boko
Ship - Cargo
Ship – Cormorant
Ship – Doomba
Ship – Empress of Bribie
Ship – Greyhound
Ship – Koopa
Ship – Mirabel
Ship - Mirana
Ship - Mirimar
Ship – Norfolk
Ship – Other  [e.g. Amro Asia, Anro AsiaLostaLucindaMavis, military use, naval training, Ostrea, oyster cutter, P.N.J. sailing ships, The Whisper, Waterhen, yachts]
Ship – Sunrise
Ship - Wreck
Structures (anything not a building e.g. Water Tower, Pile Driver)
Tourism (any item related to Tourism)
Transport – bus
Transport – car
Transport – other     (any other form of transport e.g.: bullocks, horse)
Transport – truck
World War 2 (Military specific to WW2)  see also Military; Location – Fort Bribie; Fort Skirmish

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