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Ian Fairweather in Postcards

Ian Fairweather (1891-1974)

Thirty years ago, a lecture at the Australian National Gallery in Canberra entitled East and West in the Art of Ian Fairweather, continued an interest in the art of Bribie Island's most famous artist that had only increased after his passing in 1974.

Over forty years ago on a quiet street in Bongaree, a carving of the artist was rendered into a living tree by a local man to keep the memory of Ian Fairweather fresh for visitors and tourists.  Nearby at "The Tourists Corner" was a display of postcards featuring Fairweather.

Postcard caption: Bribie Island's Ian Fairweather,
who, by his very seclusion enriched this island.
This evergreen carving shall enrich his memory.
Source: NAA 5286567
The following postcards are those that were displayed at "The Tourists Corner".  This set were sent to Canberra in 1975.

Postcard caption: Bribie Island's artist,
Ian Fairweather's likeness hewn into a tree
to commemorate his love of nature.
Source: NAA 5286567

Postcard caption: Ian Fairweather receiving
the Bronze Medallion at his hermitage on Bribie Island in 1973. This great honour was bestowed upon him by The World Art Society for his contribution to Art.
Source: NAA 5286567

Postcard caption: Artist Ian Fairweather was awarded
this Bronze Medallion in 1973 by The World Society
of Artists in appreciation of his contribution to Art.
Source: NAA 2586567
Postcard caption: Ian Fairweather (1891-1974)
Bribie Island's world famous abstract artist's image,
sculptured into a living tree as an evergreen tribute.
This tribute stands in a shaded and secluded section of Webster Street, Bribie Island, at the southern end of Bonham Street, where his many admirers freely come and go as they pay homage to this man of nature.
Photo by Peter G.D. Barkham.
Source: NAA 2586567

Postcard caption: Bribie Island's world-famous master artist,
Mr. Ian Fairweather relaxing in the surroundings from where
he impressed art critics throughout the world.
Source: NAA 2586567
East and West in the Art of Ian Fairweather. Lecture by Barbara Brinton, Wed 19 August 1987 at Australian National Gallery, Canberra.  [source: The Canberra Times, Mon 17 Aug 1987, p. 29]

Postcards from "The Tourists Corner" Artist - Ian Fairweather.  1975. National Archives of Australia. NAA 5286567.

Further information:
Bernard Kuskopf - postcard collection.  Queensland Places website, Centre for the Government of Queensland. 

poem Nostalgia

Fifty-five years ago the following poem appeared in the Bribie Star newspaper.  Take a moment to enjoy the scene painted by these evocative words - trusty steed and all!


High in the rosy hills at dawning,
Far in the woodland's fragrant cones,
The rolling mists of early morning,
Breathe o'er the rugged mountain domes,
Though with splendour so enthralling
Here I greet the morn divine,
My lonely heart is softly calling,
Bribie - Island in the pines.

Nature's now with magic jesting,
Far where hill and valley meet,
While my foaming steed is resting,
From the climb with aching feet.
But my lonely heart's devotion,
Longs for dear familiar scenes,
Scented pines and rolling ocean,
In the island of my dreams.

Soon this lovely scene of grandeur,
Will be folded from all ken,
Night - with jewelled dusky langour,
Will her wooing spell begin.
Then you'll hear me softly calling,
In the night wind's fragrant sighs,
May each lonely echo find you,
Bribie - Island in the pines.

Anne Jensen, "Creek Bend", Sylvan Beach, Bribie Island.
August 1962.

Nostalgia (poem) by Anne Jensen, 1962.
Bribie Star, 24 Aug 1962.