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Hendon Hall

The following article describes the opening of Hendon Recreation Hall on 29th June 1962, the same day the first issue of the  Bribie Star newspaper. The Hendon Recreation Hall operated for almost two years when sadly, one of the directors, Henry Hart, drowned on 7 November 1963 off Ocean Beach. The company's assets were sold off and the Hendon Hall became the Bribie Cinema from 1964-1974.

However on opening night, optimism was in the air as the plans of the directors of Hendon & Co were shared with the folks on Bribie Island.

Opening of New Recreation Centre

Bribie Star Friday 29th June 1962

The opening of Hendon Recreation Hall in Cotterill Avenue tonight at 8 p.m. marks the turning point in Bribie's long-felt need of night entertainment for both residents and those visiting the island.

It has been said often in the past that Bribie lacked suitable entertainment for the teenagers. However, with the opening of Hendon Recreation Hall it is felt that suitable organised nightly entertainment for teenagers on the Island is now a reality.

In an interview with the directors of Hendon & Company, Mr. D.I. Iverach, Mrs T.E.J. Iverach and Mr H.W.T. Hart, we were shown over the Hall which has a floor area of over three thousand square feet. Apart from the skating rink and games area, it has a cafe, milk bar and grandstand. There is also a counter opening from the cafe to the street for the convenience of patrons who want outdoor service. We were also shown some of the large quantity of equipment that will be used in the Hall. There were roller-skates, indoor bowls, bowls mats, badminton racquets, and many other items.

The Hendon Hall building later became Bribie Cinema
Photo: Sam Hawkins, 1974.
Collection: Moreton Bay Region Libraries. Ref CLPC-P0645

Faith in the future of Bribie Island
The directors of this fine enterprice are to be commended on their foresight and their faith in the future of the Island. When they arrived in Australia from Rhodesia on December 6, 1961, Bribie Island was unknown to them. Ten days later, on the 16th December 1961, they began business on the Island hiring small outboard speed boats and row boats. They now have a fleet of over thirteen speed boats and a new 15ft 75 H.P. speed boat which is used for water-skiing, joy-rides and scenic tours. Since that time the Company has expanded to include the Recreation Hall, a T.V. hiring agency, an Insurance agency, a sporting equipment agency, and a boat and outboard motor selling agency.

As another example of their faith in the future of Bribie Island, the directors of Hendon & Co. intent a further extension of business. Future plans of expansion include the erection of a marine fuel jetty, workshop and cafe at their present boat site. The directors stated also that since the revival of minature golf, it is intended to have a course added to the attractions that will be offered to the public at the Hall.

Free admittance for opening night
During the invertiew with the directors we were informed that admittance for the opening night would be free.

Entertainment for young and old
We obtained a copy of the directors' intended programme for the Hall. The programme to be offered is varied and caters for the young and old. It consists of roller skating daily from 12 noon to 5 p.m. There will be teachers in attendance at roller skating sessions.

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Nights
Indoor sports including indoor bowls, badminton, deck quoits, darts and deck tennis. The directors said that the members of all bowling clubs will be most welcome.

Wednesday Nights
Roller skating for which there is a large number of skates for hire.

Friday Nights
Roller skating

Saturday Nights
All types of dancing from the Twist and Rock 'n' Roll to the Waltz.

The building of such a project as Hendon Recreation Hall requires much planning and work. The directors of Hendon & Co requested us to express their thanks to the following people who contributed to its completion. They are Messrs G. Brook, Builder, Elliott's Hardware, J. Skelly (Electrical), A. Parnell (Plumber) and J. Lawrie (Sound Installations). Thanks is also extended to the Caboolture Shire Council for their willing co-operation.


Article: Opening of New Recreation Centre. Bribie Star, 29.6.1962, p.1, 3.

Photo: Hall built on the corner of Bestman Avenue and Cotterill Avenue Bongaree in 1962 (01/01/1974 - 31/12/1974),Moreton Bay Our Story, accessed 25 Oct 2022,

If you have any photos of this building when it was Hendon Recreation Hall (1962-1964) please contact the Bribie Island Historical Society at