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1926 Trip to Ocean Beach

 Trip to Ocean Beach


by Edward Harvey Gibbon

The following "Letter to the Editor" was written by Edward Harvey Gibbon (1849-1928) during his latter years when he lived at Ocean Beach (Woorim).

"The Brisbane Tug Co., although not a philanthropic institution, is to be congratulated on the manner in which it caters for the pleasure of the public. Through its agency has been opened up one of the most glorious marine suburbs of Brisbane. It is at once easier to access than any of the northern or southern watering places, and certainly possesses bathing and fishing facilities unsurpassed by any other coastal resort in Southern Queensland.

To reach this "Mecca," the company has organised an excellent service by means of the S.S. Koopa and Doomba. Bribie is reached about 12.30 p.m., or approximately three hours from town. Three commodious motor buses meet the visitors, who are conveyed across to Ocean Beach, the time occupied about ten minutes over a perfectly straight well-made road.

Doomba and Koopa plied the Brisbane to Bribie journey
Photo: Mountain and seaside resorts of Southern Queensland, 1925, page 94

Arriving at Ocean Beach terminus, one's attention is drawn to the magnificent kiosk built by the company for the convenience of the public. The dining hall alone can conveniently seat from 150 to 200 guests, whilst the dancing hall on the opposite side is of equally generous proportions. At the entrance hall is located the shop, where comestibles of great variety can be obtained at very reasonable prices. 

Kiosk at Ocean Beach with bus and sand on the front doorstep!
Photo: Mountain and seaside resorts of Southern Queensland, 1925, page 96

Leaving the kiosk and walking to the top of the sandhill, about two hundred feet distant, a most glorious vista meets the eye of the visitor. Extending northerly for fifteen or twenty miles and for five or six miles southerly is a simply perfect beach of smooth hard sand with the rollers of the Pacific bursting with resounding crash upon it.

This beach for surf bathing is remarkably safe, there being no under tow and no treacherous double beaches, whilst at low tide, no matter how the waves may roar, they are all broken up and a wide expanse of shallow water is provided for the veriest toddler to paddle in and enjoy itself with the utmost safety. Last year the Government sold about forty leasehold allotments on the beach frontage, and already some comfortable and neat sea-side cottages have been erected, notably by Mr. Hooper, Mr. J. Morgan (Arakoon), Mr. J. Murray, Mr. Dickson and Miss A.M.F. Gibbon (The Bean).

When satiated with the rough and tumble of the sea, the visitor can thoroughly enjoy a ramble in the unspoiled primeval bush, after which he can return to the motor 'bus and by that means and the Koopa or Doomba, be landed again in Brisbane shortly after 6 p.m., having had a most enjoyable trip."

Ocean Beach by E. Harvey-Gibbon.
Letter to the Editor. The Daily Mail (Brisbane) 9.1.1926 p.11

Mountain and seaside resorts of Southern Queensland : from Noosa to the Tweed.
Compiled by the Queensland Government Tourist Bureau, 5th edition, 10th December 1925.
Repository: State Library of Queensland