Friday 25 February 2022

Oldest building

An old weatherboard building in Banya Street is believed to be the oldest building still extant on Bribie Island. This building had several incarnations before it was located on Bribie Island. The building was officially dedicated as a Methodist Church on 28 December 1930 by Rev. A.A. Mills.

Methodist Church, Banya Street.
Photo circa 1980
Photo: Viv Tucker

The first couple to be married in the Methodist Church in Banya Street on 26th January 1931 were Eddie Moyle and Mavis Shields.

Newly-weds Edwin and Mavis Moyle and well-wishers
walking along Banya street, 26 January 1931
Photo: Moyle Family collection

Oldest building on Bribie Island.
original building 34' x 18'6", hardwood boards post pit-saw age,
wood could be over 400 years old.
Photo 2017.
Photo: Viv Tucker

Thank you to Trevor Sutton for sharing his Moyle family photographs and story. Also thanks to Viv Tucker for photos of the building and his 2017 write-up "From Enoggera to Bribie Island : first Deception Bay School 1892-1905",

Moyle's Guest House at the Jetty 1925-1952's-guest-house-at-the-jetty

Methodist Church [Bribie Island] officially opened.
The Brisbane Courier 3.1.1931 p. 5