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2024 September 7
Wunya Ngulum: Welcome Everyone
Saturday, 7th September, 9:00am – 4:30pm
Join us on Saturday 7th of September, at the Komo Hotel in Redcliffe for the Moreton Bay Bicentennial Commemoration, a Conference to Record a Moment in the History of Two Cultures.
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Past speakers at monthly meetings of the Bribie Island Historical Society
Feb: Bill Kitson: Surveying the State Boundaries
Mar: Documentary: The Man Who Named Australia - Matthew Flinders. The Incredible Journey with Gary Kent.

Feb: Graham Mills BIHS: Bribie in the 1980s
Mar: Bill Kitson: With Great Zeal - the story of the Hydrographic Survey of the Queensland Coastline 1861-1880
Apr: Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer: Legacy of Bungaree
May: Lynne Hooper BIHS: Why and When the Steamships start to visit Bribie
Jun: Helen Cossins MBRC: Our Story - new cultural heritage platform by MBEC Local History teams
Jul: Lynne Hooper BIHS: 15 Days in the Bay - Lt Matthew Flinder's expedition around Moreton Bay
Aug: no guest speaker - annual general meeting
Sep: Michael Strong: All that Glitters is not Gold - the Nexus silver coin hoard from the Toowoomba Bypass project
Oct: Barry Clark BIHS: 60-year anniversary of the opening of the Bribie Bridge in 1963
Nov: Dr Marta Botta: History of Futures
Dec: no guest speaker - Christmas celebration
Feb: Ron GillanderHistory of Old Gympie Road
Mar: Lynne Hooper: Queensland Native Police
Apr: Keith Boulton: Anniversary of Gallipoli 2015
May: Peter Ludlow: The Lure of Bribie
Jun: Noelene Gorman: A Life Well Played and the Bribie Guides
Jul: David Black: Caboolture Historical Village
Aug: no guest speaker - annual general meeting
Sep: Alan Finegan: The Charles Eaton Massacre
Oct: Lynne Hooper: Early history of Bribie's Shops, Churches, Clubs and Residents
Nov: Tony Russell: History through Australian stamps
Dec: no guest speaker - Christmas celebration
Feb: Lynne Hooper:Toc H and Congeau House and Movie - Sentinels in the Dune
Mar: Keith Boulton and Mike Sobrya: Queensland Maritime Museum
AprGary Crew: Castaway - Barbara Thompson
May: Lynne Hooper: The Winnett Family of Woorim
Jun: Brian Russell: Me, the Sea, and Bribie
Jul: Fiona McGill: 'Stone-age Economics - the Classical Period of Australian History'
Aug: Lynne Hooper BIHS: History of Banya Street, Bongaree
Sept: Lynne Hooper BIHS: What’s in a Name – Bribie Island’s name changes from 1825 to the 1860s.
Oct: Fiona McGill: Stone-age Economics – the Classical Period of Australian History (Encore) 
Nov: James Mason BIHS: Beyond the Name: Young Servicemen at War
Dec: Lynne Hooper BIHS: Website Launch
Feb: Glenys Mills: Book review - Ian Fairweather : a Life in Letters
Mar: Barry Clark: The Great Southland
Apr: no meeting due to COVID-19 pandemic closures
May: no meeting due to COVID-19 pandemic closures
Junno meeting due to COVID-19 pandemic closures
Julno meeting due to COVID-19 pandemic closures
Aug: Gary Crew: The Castaways of the Charles Eaton 1834
Sep: Chris Sutton and Karen Wallwork: Beachmere - Then and Now: 150 Years of Collective Memory
OctBarry Clark: From Cook to Convict Colony
NovKaren Wallwork: History of Beachmere
DecLynne Hooper: Writers - Hector Holthouse and Zena Turner
Feb: Viv Tucker: The Bancroft Family of Deception Bay
Mar: Shayne Thomas: Growing Up on Bribie Island
Apr: Selina Clark: WW1 German Tank Mephisto
May: Fiona McGill: Indigenous Culture with a S.E. Queensland Perspective
Jun: Donna Holmes: Aerial Photographs of Bribie Through the Years.
Jul: Glenys Mills: Matthew Flinders and Trim
Aug: Lynne Hooper: Early Days of Bribie through photographs
Sep: David Jones: Three Ladies of Moreton Bay (ships)
Oct: Fiona McGill & Peter Lopez: Aboriginal Resistance Wars
Nov: Barry Clark: Who Discovered the Brisbane River
Feb: Edith Cuff [& Michael Strong]: History of Abbey Museum
Mar: Donna Holmes: The Campbell families of Bribie
Apr: Short Talks: Glenys Mills: WW2 Scorched Earth Policy. Betty Williams: Napier NZ Event.
                         Barry Clark: We were nearly French.
May: Lynne Hooper, BIHS PresidentCanneries of the Pumicestone Passage
Jun: Graham MillsPostcards of Bribie through the years
Jul: Lynne Hooper, BIHS PresidentEarly Bribie Island Boarding Houses
Jul: Donna HolmesBribie Island's narrow-gauge light rail-tracks (1920s)
Sep: Graham Mills, BIHS President: 50 years 1858-1909 since Queensland became a colony
Oct: Lynne Hooper: The Name "Joondoburri" and where it came from
Nov: Dr Christine Finn: War-time concrete fortifications connection with Island of Jersey (Channel Islands and Bribie Island)
Dec: Lyndy Sugars, President Ashgrove Historical Society: Ashgrove Historical Society
Feb: Jan McIntyre & Vic Tucker, Deception Bay History Group: History of Deception Bay
Mar: Donna Holmes, BIHS: Early maps of Moreton Bay.
Apr: Lynne Hooper, BIHS President: Arthur Morley and Elsie Bates.
May: Lynne Hooper, BIHS President: Bribie before the Steam Ships (Aboriginal history)
Jun: David Jones: Shipwrecks of Northern Moreton Bay
Jul: Pam Smith: The Crouch and Ormiston families of Bribie Island
Aug: Lissa Winston: Grandfather Frank Winston's photos
Sep: Don MullenMemories video
Oct: Shauna HicksCarnegies' @ Pumicestone: a family mystery solved
Nov: Viv TuckerWebster's Boondar
Feb: Lorna English: The Bestmann family, early life and 'Best Park' Godwin Beach.
Mar: Boyd Blackman, QPWS Ranger: Diverse role of a QPWS Ranger on Bribie Island.
Apr: Lynne Hooper, BIHS President: Life of John Oxley, Surveyor-General and Explorer in the colony of New South Wales from 1812 to 1828.
May: Daniel Nomorinu: History of Kanakas in Queensland and at Morayfield Park.
Jun: Bill Simmich: Bungwall fern and Bribie Aborigines.
Jul: Lynne Hooper, BIHS President: Who were the castaway convicts?
Aug: Barry Clark, BIHS: Formation and achievements of our Historical Society.
Sep: Doug Yelland: History of Sandstone Point.
Oct: Shauna Hicks: First 5 Presidents of the Amateur Fishing Association of Queensland.
Nov: Helen Page, Peachester History Committee: Life and work of Inigo Jones.
Dec: Lynne Hooper, BIHS President: Last voyage of the RMS Quetta (1890).
Feb: Julie Thompson and Julie Kaeser: Celebrating Caboolture Women.
Mar: George Goold, Liz Gray, Norm Pearce, Mary Fryer, Beverley Galtos, Joe Gough, Monica Nunn, Shauna Hicks and Max Spencer, Graham Mills:  Short presentations of Reminiscences or early memories of Bribie Island
Apr: Graham Mills, BIHS: "Who answered the call" - men from Bribie Island and surroundings who went to WW1 and WW2
May: Karen Highlands: My life on Bribie Island
Jun: Donna Holmes, BIHS President: Early Guest Houses on Bribie Island
Jul: Barry Clark, BIHS: The Search for the Lady Be Good
Aug: Barry Clark, BIHS: History of our Historical Society
Sep: Lynne Hooper, BIHS: Private Phillip Stephenson, 57th regiment served in the Moreton Bay Penal Colony from 1828-1831
Oct: Norman Love and John Anderson, Bulimba Historical Society: Connections between Bribie Island and Bulimba over the past 100 years
Nov: Myra Milner, Bribie: Creating Melsa Park at Bongaree in 1985
Feb: Barry Clark, BIHS: South American history
Mar: Shauna Hicks: Carnegie family from Toorbul: family history and local history
Apr: Glenys Mills, BIHS: The Archer Brother's Weekend at Bribie
May: David Spethman, OAM: Military defences of Brisbane including Fort Bribie
Jun: Leisha Krause, gt-granddaughter of Kalmakuta: Alma (Kalmakuta) and Fred Turner of Turners Island: family history and local history
Jul: Glenys Mills, BIHS: 200th Anniversary of the publication of Flinders' Map of Australia
Aug: Phillip Williams: Volcanoes - geological structure, effects of famous eruptions and the phenomena of pumice stone deposits
Sep: Lissa Winston: Winston family and early days on Bribie Island
Oct: George Goold: This is My Life - settling on Bribie, establishing and consolidating his taxi business
Nov: Jan Hietzke, Abbey Museum: Ancient artefacts from the Abbey Museum
Feb: Donna Holmes, BIHS: Past celebrations for Bribie Bridge anniversaries - 1963-2003
Mar: Michael Strong, Turnstone Archaeology: Boundaries of Bribie People
Apr: Lynne Hooper, BIHS:  Women at their Leisure between 1880 and 1920
May: Graham Mills, BIHS: History Bank - photos of old Bribie
June: Short film "Mullet Run" showing old Bribie
July: Barry Clark, BIHS: Old Maps of Bribie Island region
Sep: Allan Carr, BIHS: Yarun Yabber
Oct: Graham Mills, BIHS: Construction of the Bribie Bridge in 1963 and 50th anniversary celebrations
Nov: Phillip Williams: Bridges around the World
Feb: David Gibson, historianCaptain William Collin
Reference text used: Adventure and Enterprises: Captain William Collin, Building From The Brisbane River - 1862-1972 by Noel D. Field and Annabelle Stewart. 2011 MBRC Library catalogue record 
Mar: Leon Misfeld, National Trust:  Issues regarding Heritage listing and properties on Bribie
Apr: Joan Kelly, Seaside Museum: Historical buildings on Norfolk Island
May: Joan Carson and Kaye Brennan, early Bribie residentsUnveiling of Bongaree Jetty Memorial to mark the centenary of Bongaree Jetty and the establishment of the Township of Bongaree
May: Pat Gee, Redcliffe librarian: Shipping history in Moreton Bay including excursion steamships
Jun: Wyatt Roy MP and Henry RoyLiving on Pumicestone Passage in the early days and the Roy family farm
Jul: Betty Williams, Clive Aldridge and Graham Mills, BIHS: Origin or meaning of some names of Bribie streets
Aug: Geoff Ginn, author of Archangels and ArchaeologyHistory of Father John Ward, visionary and collector of antiquities now held in the Abbey Museum
Sep: Margaret Kelly, BIHS: History of Toorbul Point up to the 1950s
Sep: Michael Whiticker, film producer: Oral histories of Bribie pioneers
Oct: Cheryl Fullgrabe, Volunteer Marine RescueHistory of marine rescue around Bribie
Nov: Graham Mills and Barry Clark, BIHS: Seaside Museum History Bank
Feb: Michael Strong, Turnstone ArchaeologyReconstructing Lost Landscapes of South-East Queensland in relation to the Aboriginal people
Mar: Mark Cryle, Fryer Library, UQTreasures held by the Fryer Library
Apr: Lynne Hooper, BIHSLife of Emily Coungeau and how Emily and Norman became early settlers of Bribie
May: Jill McGilp, Girl GuidesHistory of Guiding generally and its inception on Bribie Island in 1972
Jun: Glenys Mills, BIHS"Trim" the cat, his master Matthew Flinders and their voyages together
Jul: Roger Dunstan and Geoff Bilbow, Caboolture Historical Society and Village. Caboolture Historical Society and Village
Aug: Barry Clark, BIHSRetrospective presentation of BIHS first three years 2009-2011
Sep: Graham Mills, BIHSFamily connections and his recollections of Bribie from the mid-1940s
Oct: Bry Fischer, wife of author Col FischerLaunch of the late Col Fischer's book on Banksia Beach
Nov: Jeff Hopkins-Weise, historianBlood Brothers - his book on the Maori Wars
Feb: John Nunn, Mark Earner and Diane Wells, Bribie Island Surf ClubHistory of Bribie Island Surf Club
Mar: Martin Taylor and Kanga Gleeson, Bribie Island Bowls ClubHistory of Bribie Island Bowls Club
Apr: Judy Valentine, gt-granddaughter of William Landsborough: Life and times of William Landsborough
May: Michael Strong and Edith Cuffe, Abbey MuseumEdith spoke on origins of the Abbey Museum and the gathering and presentation of museum artefacts. Michael spoke on aboriginal language, clans and his involvement on numerous archaeological digs
Jun: Joyce Voysey, author: Growing up on Bribie Island in the 1930s
Jul: Dr Eve Fesl, author: History, language, lifestyle culture and environment of the Gubbi Gubbi people
Aug: Warwick Outram and Barry Clark: Keeping of Bribie's history and Historical then and now photos
Sep: Paul Woodcock, Redcliffe Historical Society president: History of RHS and Redcliffe, first European settlement in Queensland
Oct: Cheryl Thornely, BIHS: History of Thornely family bus service and history of Bribie Island State School
Nov: Peter Ludlow, author: History of the Port of Brisbane and Peel Island
Dec: Barry Clark and Donna Holmes, BIHSBarry spoke on how the BIHS Database became a reality and Donna spoke on how information was put into the Database and then gave a “live” presentation on extracting information
Feb: Barry Clark, BIHSFilm of life of Ian Fairweather shown
Mar: Peter Ludlow, author: How history is recorded through oral and written recordings, art, photography, etc.
Apr: John Groves, author: Caloundra and Bribie Island during WW2 with particular emphasis on Fort Bribie
May: Don Mullen, BIHS:  Characters of Bribie Island from pre-WW2 to present day
Jun: Richard Walding, authorBribie Island submarine defence systems and Toorbul Point military installations
Jul: Leigh Barter, author: Early days of sugar and rum production in the Caboolture and Pine Rivers area from 1800s to early 1970s
Aug: Warwick Outram, author and Patron of BIHS: Past and present Bribie
Sep: Gladys Federick, Lola Watts, Glenys Mills, Graham Price, Cheryl Thornely, Don Mullin, Graham Mills, Des Cook and Carol O’Brien: Memories of Bribie Island
Nov: Dennis Creer, BIHSBackground, military service and life after WW1 of 4 men with a connection to Bribie Island: Alfred Volz, Bertie Dux, Alan Layton and James Hagan
Dec: David Siddal, Bribie resident: Growing up on Bribie in the 1970s

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