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Road to Toorbul Point

 The following letter to the editor dated Sep 1926 was sent by James Clark (1857-1933) regarding the question of a road to run through his property at Toorbul Point thus allowing public access to the Bribie Passage and at the same time not interfere with his business at Toorbul Point.
In his letter to the editor James Clark refers to a sketch of the road on a map of the district which accompanied his letter dated 28 July 1926 to the Caboolture Shire Council.

Road to Bribie.

Letter dated Sep 1926 by James Clark
to the editor of the Daily Mail (Brisbane)

Sir, - For some time past the question of a road to Toorbul Point to give access to Bribie Island has been under consideration by the Caboolture Shire Council. For the information of those interested I may state that the following letter offering a road was sent by me to the Caboolture Shire Council on July 28:

“Re Toorbul Point road: Some time ago a deputation waited on the council and petitioned that a road be opened through my property at Toorbul Point. After various visits to the Point by the council and inspections by the council engineer, it was decided by the council to let the matter rest in abeyance.

Building on James Clark's property, Toorbul Point.
Daily Mail 16.12.1924 p.16
“Since then I have been approached by several residents and people interested in Bribie Island, and have promised to write to the council with the object of having a road made available that would give access to Bribie Passage and at the same time not interfere with my business at Toorbul Point. With the object, therefore, of obtaining the council’s assistance in the matter, I enclose portion of a map of the district under discussion with a proposed road sketched on it that I think would be satisfactory to all concerned. I would erect at my own cost the fence shown on the map. I would lease the land on the northern side of the fence to the council for road purposes for say 29 years, at a nominal rental. I would donate £100 towards the expense of making the road. I retain all rights of the land, with the exception of the easement for road purposes granted to your council.

“No buildings, with the exception of a shed at or near the proposed jetty to be erected without my permission.

“The public telephone at present at my cottage at Toorbul Point to be removed and placed in the shed at the proposed jetty. The council to clearly mark the new road to Bribie Passage with suitable signposts so as to avoid any mistake being made and also to assist me in closing the present private track.

“I would also ask your council to definitely accept or refuse this offer within three months from the present date, and, should the council accept, to be prepared to start the work on the road immediately. Should the council wish to discuss the matter with me, I would be pleased to attend a council meeting.”

No doubt those interested will perceive that I do not wish to prevent the public from getting access to Bribie Passage provided my business and valuable oyster leases at Toorbul Point are not interfered with. The road proposed by me leads to the passage at Ninghi Creek Point, where there is the deepest water to be obtained anywhere around the property, and where the expense of erecting a suitable jetty would be very little. I may say that up to the present no reply has been received by me from the Caboolture Shire Council,
Yours, etc., JAMES CLARK (per J.C. Clark).

Source: Letter to the editor "Road to Bribie" by James Clark (per J.C. Clark). The Daily Mail (Brisbane) Wed 22 Sep 1926 p. 3 

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