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50 years on Bribie - 2005 - The Kling family

50 years on Bribie Island - The Kling family

The Bongaree Heritage Trail signs record those few residents who, in 2005, were still living on Bribie Island after 50 years or more continuous residence. Each, in their own way, has made a lasting contribution to the island's community.  Sally Brennan nee Herbert, Ted and Patricia Clayton, The Kling Family, Frank Lee, Betty Lougheed, Stella Ray, Ivan and Clare Tesch and Margo Whitney.

The following excerpt is from the Program for the Official unveiling "50 years on Bribie" Heritage Trail Sign, Wednesday 7 November 2007, Brennan Park, Bongaree.

The Kling family
Mavis Ormiston was born on Bribie Island in 1920 and in 1937 married Fred Kling who had come to Bribie to work in a bakery.  In 1931 Tom Read established a bakery on the Island and this business was later taken over by Fred and Mavis Kling when World War II caused all but essential services people to be evacuated from Bribie Island.  The bakery on Banya Street remained open to serve the few remaining residents and the many troops stationed on Bribie and at Toorbul Point.
50 years on Bribie - 2005 - The Kling family
Photo: Barry Clark

After the War Fred was a founding member of the Bongaree Bowls Club in 1949.  The Kling family have continued to make significant contributions to the community over many years.  The bakery operated in Banya Street for over 55 years until it relocated to the new Cornett’s Arcade on Welsby Parade, after son Peter soon over the business.

Two children left the Island in their teens and son Richard went away to become a doctor and has spent many years practicing on the Island.  Peter has remained a Bribie resident for over 60 years and continued to operate the family bakery until he retired in 2001.  In 2005, the combined Kling family record of continuous Bribie residence (Mavis 85 years, Fred 70 years, Peter 60 years) together with over 74 years operation of the family bakery, is an almost unbeatable community contribution.

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