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50 years on Bribie - 2005 - Betty Lougheed

50 years on Bribie Island - Betty Lougheed

The Bongaree Heritage Trail signs record those few residents who, in 2005, were still living on Bribie Island after 50 years or more continuous residence. Each, in their own way, has made a lasting contribution to the island's community.  Sally Brennan nee Herbert, Ted and Patricia Clayton, The Kling Family, Frank Lee, Betty Lougheed, Stella Ray, Ivan and Clare Tesch and Margo Whitney.

The following excerpt is from the Program for the Official unveiling "50 years on Bribie" Heritage Trail Sign, Wednesday 7 November 2007, Brennan Park, Bongaree.

Betty Lougheed
Betty came to Bribie Island at the age of 33 with her husband Horace in 1953 and moved into “Avalon” on Welsby Parade where she has lived ever since.  Although the house today has direct views to Pumicestone Passage, back in those days she could not see the water for the many trees and swamp growth.
50 years on Bribie - 2005 - Betty Lougheed
Photo: Barry Clark
Betty was born in England in 1920 and served in the Air Force during the War. Her younger sister married an Australian soldier after the War and came to live in Caboolture.  Betty and her mother followed soon after, coming out to Brisbane in 1951.

In 1953 Betty married Horace and he brought his new bride to live on Bribie Island.  Horace was a keen fisherman and was involved in property and building. The only local shop in those days, on the site of the current Cornetts store, was known as the “Duck Inn” as it had a very low entry door below the road level.

Horace died in 1979 but Betty has continued to live her very private life enjoying her garden and the amazing development of Bribie Island.

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