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1969 Pumicestone Channel declared a Fish Habitat Area

Pumicestone Channel 
declared a Fish Habitat Area

Did you know it is 50 years since Pumicestone Channel was first declared a Fish Habitat Area? 

Also significant, over 130 years ago Pumicestone Channel was declared a reserve of native birds.

The Pumicestone Passage between the mainland and Bribie Island and most of Bribie Island foreshore, that we all enjoy today, has been known as a fish habitat area for over half a century. Our beautiful waterway is an important nursery ground for our local marine life and sanctuary for native birds and Bribie Island is a flora and fauna reserve.

Pumicestone Passage / Pumicestone Channel in 2012
Source: Qld. Dept. of Environment & Science website

Pumicestone Channel was one of seven areas declared in 1969 as Fish Habitat Areas, the other six areas were Deception Bay, Hay's Inlet, Jumpinpin - Broadwater, Kippa-Ring, Moreton Banks, Myora - Amity Banks.

Declaration dates of significance
23 January 1969 (original declaration of Pumicestone Passage Reserve)
19 November 1983 (original declaration of Bribie Island Reserve)
24 July 1998 (redeclared to cadastral boundaries and to combine Pumicestone Passage and Bribie Island FHAs)
11 November 2011 (redeclared to clarify boundaries and address management issues)

Declared Fish Habitat Area Summary - Pumicestone Channel
Declaration dates as of 2012
Source: NLA's Pandora Archive

Here's to the next 50 years as we continue to preserve our wonderful home.

Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Pumicestone Channel. Declaration dates as of 2012Available online via NLA's Pandora archive

Declared fish habitat area network assessment report 2012. Compiled by Rebecca Batton, Kurt Derbyshire and Rebecca Sheppard, Fisheries Queensland, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, June 2012. Available online at:

Frank Olsen - One Minute Archive.
Queensland State Archives YouTube video available online 
Frank Olsen played a key role in developing today's Queensland-wide network of Fish Habitat Areas.

Essay covering reserves for the protection of native birds. Rachael E.V. Marsh.
Queensland Times, Sat 16 Jan 1915, p. 10 via NLA's Trove online

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