Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Souvenir of Bribie postcards 1947

Souvenir of Bribie Island, 12 views
Postcard folder circa 1947

BIHS has recently recorded in our historical database, a folder of 12 postcards entitled Souvenir of Bribie Island.

The folder of black and white pictures was probably produced by Murray Views, Gympie around the year 1947. Some of the same scenes, with colour added, appeared in Camera Views of Bribie Island the following year.

Each postcard has a caption which describes the location of the picture as it was around 1947.  So not only can we see familiar island vistas as they were almost 70 years ago - we can also read what they were called at the time!

1. Pacific Paradise Guest House, Woorim, Bribie Island, Q.

2. Reflections, Third Lagoon, Bribie Island, Q.

 3. Pumicestone Passage, with Glasshouse Mountain in Background, Bribie Island, Q.

4. Ocean Beach Road, Bribie Island, Q. [Later First Avenue]

5. S.S. Koopa departing Bribie Island, Q.

6. At Bribie Island, Q. [Bribie Bowls Club]

7. Hotel Bribie, Bribie Island, Q.

8. Banya Street, Bribie Island, Q.

9. Bribie Foreshore, Bribie Island, Q. [Huts known as The 12 Apostles in background]

10. Ocean Beach Bus, Bribie Island, Q.

 11. Ocean Beach, Bribie Island, Q.

12. Glimpse of Bribie Island, Q. [Bongaree Jetty]

Murray Views, Gympie.

If you would like to share your Bribie Island postcards - our email address is bribiehistoricalsociety@gmail.com

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